Friday, August 19, 2016

Things Continue to Move On

The midnight sun starts to catch up. Vitamin D overdose starts too become apparent in the faces of all the lost and drunken millennials, the old time bartenders, and the dogs who run through the town — drunk on their existence. The songs at the bar start to repeat themselves like every other Tuesday that rolls by. The sound of morning birds meshes with the trees through the late night sunsets. Things continue on like this. On and on and on and on. The tears, the laughs, the vomit, crazy dance moves become apart of the weekly ritual that everybody is participating in — on their own time — at the same time.
Some days the only escape is to stick that hitchhikers thumb straight out and into the lane — hoping for a respectable yet enjoyable ride to wherever you want to go. The song on the radio is something different that the repeat.
Nahko always playing in the background of the mind no matter where you are. Reminding you; “Bless other men, investigate your mystery,” it is written, “I know I’m ready, big message heavy. Gotta learn to carry what comes to me directly.”

Like spring after every winter the midnight sun gives way to the real deal. Autumn kicks in — harsh and heavy — with the ever glowing moon. She stands her ground when the seasons begin to change. Demanding her time to shine in the dark of night. The sign of the moon means the leaves are changing. Trees prepare to go to sleep with the bears. This busy bustling town starts to quite down and become cold.

Remember these moments. Notice these changes. Sync with the things that don’t shy away from change, from the night. Choose which wolf you allow to howl at the moon tonight. Prepare to dream something new for the coming seasons.

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