Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Bees Knees

My mind is lost in the forest and my feet are taking me towards the Skye. I'm staying here, just trying to get by. By and by we all get by.
I don't want to fly, I don't need to fight. Let me be here and rest.
One more cup of coffee, just another cup or my life will stay in standby.
All these thoughts are buzzing around where my mind use to be. I can't seem to get them out. I just want the bees knees, not up here where it's too tight of a squeeze between what's left and all those mindless thoughts. My mind is gone and my soul can't fill space where it needs to be.
I've lost my keys and tried to replace them luck but I'm bound to lose that just as fast as the rest.
I'm falling behind, or was I just too far ahead from the rest? Do I catch up or just play dead? I don't know.
No, we do know. I know. We've played dead long enough. I don't need to catch up. We need to get lost together instead. Time to get lost in the sea. This swirling sea of pine and birch with blue skies overhead. This time I promise to keep my feet on the ground and my head in clouds. I'll be making wishes until I'm found. Then I'll be gone again, moving to a new ground.