Hi, My name is Jazminn Skye.
I'm a Libra born in '92 in a place called Boise, Idaho.

I've never been very comfortable with writing my own About pages. I don't even like social media or networking that much. I created this blog in the Winter of 2016, a few months after graduating from Boise State University with a B.A. in history. I have decided not to "go on" to graduate school or anything too permanent for awhile.

I spent six months living and studying in Bangalore, India and traveling around for a semester of my senior year. Upon returning home, I decided I have a lot of places yet to see. And now we're here...This blog is a creative project that I use as a platform to share my experiences, opinions, thoughts and questions about our  tiny blue planet suspended in space, and the dealings that go on around it. I am spending the next few years of my life actively perusing a lifestyle that allows me to work, live, learn, and travel - scenic route all the way - to gain real life experiences. One day my resume will read the number of places I've taken myself, and not the people I've listened to.
As of right now I am planning on traveling around the country, and globe, for the next few years working and finding volunteer opportunities while making international connections, conversations, and insights. I believe in thinking and living consciously, globally, and owning my own perception and opinions. I enjoy expressing my ideas through journalism, editorial, and academic writing and have always dabbled in my own creative fiction craft. I'm always pushing to drive myself into new unseen territory and adventures, reinvent myself and what I thought was possible.

So here it goes. 

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  • And this is my most amazing basset hound, Baxter.

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