Monday, October 10, 2016


I bet when I was around three the word ‘small’ comprehended in my small unscathed brain to be ‘not big.’ That dog is small. That other dog is big. The big kids meal? Who would want a small kids meal when at the age of three you’re being sold on the idea that growing up, being bigger, brings you better outsourced manufactured goods …

At five velociraptors were small, triceratops were medium, and tyrannosaurus rex… well, he was a big fuckin’ dinosaur. You don't realize the downfall of his arms until Jurassic Park 3 came out, but eventually he still wins because the original always wins. I recognized that not all small dinosaurs were the same kind of small, but they were certainly smaller than the medium dinosaurs. The largest dinosaurs were all their own kind of large; take a look at the brachiosaurus compared TyRone.

From ages five and onward to the later part of elementary school the use of the word small, and its other sizing labeled adjectives, continued to be just that: adjectives. Words established by other humans long ago to help with more than just communication amongst individuals. To define boys, girls, and drive-thru menus. 

to be continued…


I would rather be an honest asshole than an unscrupulous saint.