Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Solo #1

It was nightfall. But nightfall in Alaska doesn't mean much when it's on the cusp of Spring into Summer. Her ride had left and she had no idea where they had gone. All the familiar faces left at the bar had no idea what she was talking about when she asked if they had seen the group she was with and if they had left. They didn't seem as friendly as they were twenty minutes ago around the fire. She swore she had only been gone for a maximum of ten minutes. She decided to say "fuck it," and walk the twenty minutes back to camp. It was only 12am and there was still some light left in the direction she was heading.

By the time she left the parking lot of the brewery she tossed aside all frustrations and decided to enjoy the walk home. It was beautiful. She was alone, in Alaska. Right where she needed to be because as soon as she walked ten yards from the brewery a strange Oldsmobile style car rolled out of from the side street. She couldn't see the face that whispered her name until she came closer, realizing it was another familiar and friendly face from a few nights ago.

"Girl, you need a ride?"


  1. I think your writing style is out of this world...

    1. Wow, I hope that is as good as it sounds.

      Thank you so much.