Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday's Finest

It's been a long week in middle of nowhere Misery, USA. Oh, I mean Missouri. My cousin graduated from Army boot-camp and shipped out to Hawaii. I'd never been to Missouri before and I can honestly say I don't know if I'll ever go out of my way to go back. Talk about flat, lolling hill, more flat, and some trees. It seemed tense, like a stark curtain hung between everyone and others outside of their immediate groups. But hey, always go anywhere once.

I spent most of my time reading this really great new novel by David Joy called Where All Light Tends To Go. Set in the rural North Carolina mountains about an outlaw family. It's a really great read and I recommend it. Go buy it HERE.

This weeks Sunday's Finest all come from Where All Light Tends To Go. 
Enjoy your Sunday with a great book and a warm cup of tea.

"The biggest difference between her and other dreamers was that she was determined enough and smart enough to will it into existence. It had always been obvious she [Maggie] was only passing through." 

"There's never been anything keeping you here but you." 

"She'd always been something slippery that I never could seem to grasp, something buried deep inside her that never let anything outside of herself decide what she would become. I'd always loved that about her. I'd always love her." 

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