Friday, August 26, 2016

Perhaps We Will

The nerves kick in before the storm to come. Losing your breath happens in the same rhythm that the heart quickens and things begin to move fast and slow. They swirl together in an unmoving vortex. The great unknown lies out there; calling past, present, and future names deep into it.

These are the places we live for.

Who are we? The daring, the divided, the cast out lone wolf - the one that would not bow to alpha - the solely self praised omega, the only pup of the great divine female.
That is who we are.
The dreamers who don’t know where they’ll end up when the sun goes down and the moon rises high.
The fearful. Those who run away from pleasure and pain, seeking something they’re afraid to find.
That is who we are.
The sad old men who can't seem to pinpoint where it went wrong.
The lonely widow women wondering if she should have fled across the sea before the sea washed her up.
The damned and the saved are just steps from one another in this vast place. It’s not a rare sight to see one step across the thin, cracked and broken line and into the other side. It wouldn’t be a life lived if they never dared to try a different life.
This is what we are.

"But there is so much more to become," they whisper.

This vast places holds us all in but never keeps us here. The mountains rise and fall just as the men who climb them have done for centuries. Nothing grand stays high for long. Just like the rotten and wicked forest will one day drop a seed who will one day bear the saving fruit.

Perhaps one day we shall all feast together on that fruit. Perhaps we won’t. Thou mayest - we may or we may not - the choice belongs to us. 

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