Saturday, February 6, 2016

Spiraling Inward

A very old piece of writing from a few years ago.

SpiraLing In I hear the wind blow outside my window -
and think of the changing of seasons; the changing of connections, 
of truths, 
and that place that was for so long afraid to speak up. 
Shoved back into a corner for so long that you forgot how beautiful it is to own yourself. 
The darkness of night is no demon for my light. It allows your spark to reach out even further -
and the leaves show their true colors. 
The storm wages on, bringing cold morning dew, each day is an opportunity to start anew. 
Letting go of past guilt, 
guidance and 
wonders of what could have been, what might have - 
and could be… 
Wake up into the dreams that you’re making and ask the cat the right questions. Once you go down the wrong road it is a waste of time to turn back, pick again... 
this time go left. 
Once you get there it will be time for supper. 
Your favorite dish that only your mother knows how to make, but she is starting to forget the plates… The wind calms itself, no longer flustered, the leaves of the trees are falling and blustered.
Shed your true colors and get some new skin. Open your eyes and the sun shines in bright -
and within...
the blossoms will soon turn to bloom, 
and begin.

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