Wednesday, November 9, 2016

When the Levee Breaks

It’s 1:40am in the morning the night that Donald Trump won the election. The presidential candidate that spewed nothing but historical hate speech and bigoted hate speech through his entire presidential campaign.
“It’s a joke,” they said.
Unless you’re gay.
Unless you’re Muslim.
Unless you' have a real  issue of where we're headed and contemplating it just gives you a heart ache and a head ache to think of it.
Unless you’re Latino.
“I just got out of this prison cell,” Mercury said, we’re all singing now.
Meet somebody to love.
Meet somebody to love. 
It’s hard when you grew up on love and compassion for the conditions for others.
Is it?
What a time to be American, they all said.
What a day to get fired from your shit seasonal job.
Unless you couldn’t handle it.
David Bowie knew the pressure. 
It’s a terror knowing what this world is about. 
Will tomorrow give us a clue what this world is about?
There’s better things out there than this. There has to be.
Watching good friends scream “let me out.” How many do you know, do you listen?
Not enough. 
There is never enough.
It’s hard being told that the world is rainbows and compromises, and butterflies, and that’s all. Sadly millions and missed targets will come into play.
What has happened in the last twenty four hours?
Beer and pretending that what we’ve let happened isn’t happening happen.
The mother is crying.
You have the power.
What power?
The power of voodoo.
Who do?
You do?

You do.

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