Friday, January 29, 2016

Morning Blunder

I went to bed feeling like a jalapeƱos. Woke up three minutes before my alarm when off at 7:15am and feeling slightly less peppery. I had promised Baxter I would take him for a walk in the morning the night before because it had rained heavily the previous day. I thought I would at least be up early enough to see the sunrise, but I didn't notice that the reason it was still so dim at that time of morning - opposed to the normal blue hued gradient morning sky - was because the grey clouds had decided to stay an extra day. Like a friend who overstays their welcome, we accept it and remind ourselves of all the times we've said "I love rainy days." This time actualizing it into belief.

Strapping Baxter into his walking brace, fitting on my Edgar Allen Poe sweatshirt, and clipping the pooch onto the leather leash we walked out under the blundery sky. We went one of our normal routes that jaunted around the neighborhood streets. I hadn't been up and out at that hour in quite some time. There were more cars driving and it was colder than I'd thought it'd be. Not seeing the sun glide across the sky slows down time. After Baxter insisted on walking some young girl all the way to school we came home because the clouds had decided to let go of what they were holding onto making in instantly five degrees colder down here.

As I'm sitting now, sometimes after our walk, I'm thinking of how much I love rainy days.

"Sometimes it's the smallest thing that saves us; the weather growing cold, a child's smile, and a cup of excellent coffee." - Jonathan Carol

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