Friday, December 2, 2016

30 Days of Reflection - December 2nd

If time froze for one hour for everyone but me what would I do with it? 

This is a hard and interesting question for me. At first thought my first reaction to this was to simply say 'nothing, I wouldn't like it.' It would probably freak me out for the first few, but as long as I knew that humanity was coming back to life I feel like I would try to take advantage of it.

A part of me with no moral conduct wants to say I'd rob a bank or go take a bunch of stuff from the mall that I would normally never buy myself, but I don't think that's realistic of me or right. Also, there isn't many things from a mall I want these days.

Living in Alaska is like living 'out of time' in a way. It felt similar while I was in India too. Being from The United States I'm referring to American time here. Every time I'm gone from my home town and come back it's like I've been removed from the towns timeline, everything seems the same, but oddly off set and not correct. Living in Alaska forces me to be content in solitude and quietness. I do my own thing and hangout alone very often. I like it that way, but like hanging out with others off and on, it just depends on the day and the groups around me. So I honestly don't know how I would react if time actually stood still for an hour.

I think I would just go on with my day as I normally would.

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